Top things to do in Île de Gorée

Top Choice Museum in Île de Gorée

Maison des Esclaves

Set in a former grand home allegedly used as a departure point for slaves, this is one of the most important monuments to the slave trade and features the famous 'doorway to nowhere' opening directly to the sea.
Museum in Île de Gorée

IFAN Historical Museum

Gives a glimpse of island (and regional) history dating back to the 5th century. Exhibitions cover cultural lore, megalithic sites, key figures in the resistance against European colonisers – and in room 9, the hear…
Seafood in Île de Gorée


Escape the crowds filling the beachside eateries at this peaceful spot just past the Maison des Esclaves. You can sit on the outside terrace overlooking the sea and enjoy decent plates of fresh seafood.
Hill in Île de Gorée


Climb to the top of the Castel, the southern tip of the island, for great views, and seek out the cluster of tiny arts workshops filled with pieces by local artists.