Dakar in detail


Dangers & Annoyances

  • Dakar's street hustlers and hard-to-shake-off traders do a pretty good job of turning any walk around town into a true test of patience, particularly for women. Stride purposefully on and throw in a brief bakhna (“it's OK”) and they'll eventually leave you alone.
  • Many of them also double as pickpockets – be particularly vigilant at markets and in town.
  • Muggings – often at knifepoint or from passing scooters – are not uncommon. Avoid walking around after dark. Trouble spots include the Petite Corniche (behind the presidential palace), the Rte de la Corniche-Ouest and the beaches.

Internet Access

Wi-fi is available is available at most hotels (usually free), cafes and some restaurants. The speeds aren't very fast though.


The best city map is the colourful, detailed one by Editions Laure Kane (www.editionslaurekane.com), available at bookstores and in some souvenir shops and hotels.


ATM-equipped banks are never too far away in Dakar. Main branches are at Pl de l'Indépendance.






Tourist Information

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