Top ChoiceInternational in Cap Skirring


Set on the main road about 400m south of the village roundabout, Casa-Resto may lack the sea views and flashy setting, but it serves up some of the best meals in Cap Skirring. The menu has a bit of everything:...

Museum in Oussouye

Mlomp Musée de la Tradition Diola

Set amid towering kapok trees on the main road between Oussouye and Elinkine, this striking case à impluvium houses an exhibition dedicated to Diola culture. A guide on hand can explain some of the rustic,...

Sports in Oussouye

Fête du Roi

One of the big events of the Casamance calendar features a night of wrestling matches held in September in the village of Oussouye.

Cultural Centre in Ziguinchor

Alliance Franco-Sénégalaise

This is easily Ziguinchor's most stunning building, a giant case à impluvium (a large, round traditional house) decorated with blindingly busy South African Ndebele and Casamance patterns. Inside are exhibitions,...

French in Cap Skirring

Casa Bambou

Offers tasty grilled seafood and roast chicken in a cheery, open-sided setting on the main road. The plat du jour (daily special) is a steal at CFA1000. Next door the restaurant has a bar-disco that draws a...

International in Cap Skirring

Le Biarritz

This much-loved classic serves up reliable plates of pasta with shrimp, grilled fish, sandwiches and ever-flowing drinks. On weekend nights, Le Biarritz embraces its wild side, with DJs (or bands) and dancing –...

African in Ziguinchor

Le Erobon

This humble outdoor eatery is highly recommended. You can come here any time of day for grilled fish, carefully spiced and served with a sea view. The ambience is wonderfully relaxed and sometimes includes live...

International in Cap Skirring


Just off the road leading to the beach, Diaspora is an elegant but welcoming setting for nicely prepared crab ravioli, pork cutlets and pizza, as well as grilled seafood. There's live music some nights, too.

African in Ziguinchor

Le Kassa

Ziguinchor's best-known dining spot has a plant-filled courtyard and classic cooking – the Senegalese dishes are best. The kitchen stays open late and there's live music some nights. On the roundabout.

Bar in Cap Skirring

Les Bolongs

Sit back in a carved wooden chair and watch village life unfold from this upper-storey bar overlooking the main road. It's a laid-back spot, and a good place to catch the game.

Bakery in Ziguinchor

Boulangerie Blé d'Or

Follow the scent of fresh-baked bread to this delightful bakery and snack spot just south of the Jean-Paul II roundabout. The croissants and pastries are Ziguinchor's best.

African in Oussouye


Serves up tasty Senegalese dishes with a smile from a pleasant location on the main road (at the turnoff to Campement Emanaye).

Seafood in Cap Skirring

Bar de la Mer

For seafood on the beach, it's hard to beat this eatery set in a high-end guesthouse right on the beach at Kabrousse (5km south of Cap Skirring).

Market in Ziguinchor

Marché Escale

Self-caterers can buy all the fresh fruit and vegetables they can carry at this market near the waterfront.

Architecture in Ziguinchor

Post Office

The city's post office is one of Central Ziguinchor's colourful colonial buildings. Although you can go inside, there isn't much to see at the small postal center.

Historic Building in Ziguinchor

Conseil Régional

One of Ziguinchor's colonial buildings today houses the region's excellent tourism office.