Top Choice Castle in Westray

Noltland Castle

A half-mile west of Pierowall stands this sturdy ruined towerhouse, built in the 16th century by Gilbert Balfour, aide to Mary, Queen of Scots. The castle is super-atmospheric and bristles with shot holes, part of t…
Nature Reserve in Westray

Noup Head

This bird reserve at Westray's northwestern tip is a dramatic area of sea cliffs with vast numbers of breeding seabirds from April to July. You can walk here along the clifftops from a car park, passing the impressi…
Museum in Westray

Westray Heritage Centre

This has displays on local history, nature dioramas and archaeological finds, with some famous neolithic carvings (including the 5000-year-old ‘Westray Wife’). These small sandstone figurines are the oldest known de…