Top things to do

Top Choice Museum in Lerwick

Shetland Museum

This is an impressive recollection of 5000 years’ worth of culture, people and their interaction with this ancient landscape. Comprehensive but never dull, the display covers everything from the archipelago’s geolog…
Top Choice Cafe in Lerwick

Hay’s Dock

Upstairs in the Shetland Museum, this sports a wall of picture windows and a fairweather balcony that overlooks the harbour. Clean lines and pale wood recall Scandinavia, but the menu relies on carefully selected lo…
Top Choice Landmark in Unst

Unst Bus Shelter

At the turnoff to Littlehamar, just past Baltasound, is Britain's most impressive bus stop. Enterprising locals, tired of waiting in discomfort, decided to do a job on it, and it now boasts posh seating, novels, num…
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Bressay & Noss

Isle of Noss

Little Noss, 1.5 miles wide, lies just east of Bressay. High seacliffs harbour over 100,000 pairs of breeding seabirds, while inland heath supports hundreds of pairs of great skua. Access is by dinghy from Bressay; …
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Unst

Hermaness Nature Reserve

At marvellous Hermaness headland, a 4.5-mile round walk takes you to cliffs where gannets, fulmars and guillemots nest, and numerous puffins frolic. You can see Scotland's most northerly point, the rocks of Out Stac…
Top Choice Viking in Lerwick

Up Helly Aa

Shetland's long Viking history has rubbed off in more ways than just street names and square-shouldered locals. Most villages have a fire festival, a continuation of Viking midwinter celebrations of the rebirth of t…
Top Choice Lighthouse in Sumburgh

Sumburgh Head Visitor Centre

High on the cliffs at Sumburgh Head, this excellent attraction is set across several buildings. Displays explain about the lighthouse, foghorn and radar station that operated here, while there's a good exhibition on…
Top Choice Scottish in Scalloway

Scalloway Hotel

With a short, quality menu based around top-notch local and Scottish produce, this is one of Shetland's best places to dine. Delicious local scallops and succulent meat are all presented with flair, and there are fi…
Cafe in Lerwick

Fort Café

Lerwick’s salty air often creates fish 'n' chip cravings. Eat in (until 8pm), or munch down on the pier if you don’t mind the seagulls’ envious stares.
Steakhouse in Lerwick

Da Steak Hoose

Shetlanders have fine seafood but love their meat, so this friendly steakhouse was always going to be popular. Hidden away behind the tourist office, it offers uncomplicated steaks, ribs and burgers, served in sizea…