Port Charlotte attractions

Top Choice Distillery in Port Charlotte


A couple of miles from Port Charlotte, Bruichladdich (brook-lad-dy) is an infectiously fun distillery to visit and produces a mind-boggling range of bottlings; there's always some new experiment cooking. The standar…
Distillery in Port Charlotte


Likeable Kilchoman, set on a farm, is one of Scotland's smallest distilleries. It grows and malts some of its own barley here and does its own bottling by hand. It has a wide variety of attractively packaged express…
Museum in Port Charlotte

Museum of Islay Life

Islay’s long history is lovingly recorded in this museum, housed in the former Free Church. Prize exhibits include an illicit still, 19th-century crofters’ furniture, and a set of leather boots once worn by the hors…
Nature Reserve in Port Charlotte

Loch Gruinart Nature Reserve

Seven miles north of Port Charlotte is Loch Gruinart Nature Reserve, where you can hear corncrakes in summer and see huge flocks of migrating ducks, geese and waders in spring and autumn. Two trails from the car par…
Museum in Port Charlotte

Islay Natural History Centre

Under the Islay SYHA in Port Charlotte, this centre has displays explaining the island’s natural history, with advice on where to see wildlife and lots of interesting hands-on exhibits for kids.