Top Choice Beach in South Harris


Luskentyre is one of the biggest and most beautiful beaches in Scotland, famed for its acres of low-tide white sands and turquoise waters. A minor road leads along the northern side of the bay to a parking area besi…
Arts Centre in Stornoway (Steornabhagh)

An Lanntair Arts Centre

The modern, purpose-built An Lanntair (Gaelic for 'lighthouse'), complete with art gallery, theatre, cinema and restaurant, is the centre of the town’s cultural life. It hosts changing exhibitions of contemporary ar…
Exhibition in Stornoway (Steornabhagh)

Lewis Loom Centre

This appealingly ramshackle exhibition records the history of Harris Tweed; the 40-minute guided tour (£2.50 extra) includes wool-spinning and weaving demonstrations.
Castle in Stornoway (Steornabhagh)

Lews Castle

The Baronial mansion across the harbour from Stornoway town centre was built in the 1840s for the Matheson family, then owners of Lewis; it was gifted to the community by Lord Leverhulme in 1923. A major redevelopme…
Historic Building in Lewis (Leodhais)

Arnol Blackhouse

One of Scotland’s most evocative historic buildings, the Arnol Blackhouse is not so much a museum as a perfectly preserved fragment of a lost world. Built in 1885, this traditional blackhouse – a combined byre, barn…
Museum in Garenin (Na Gearrannan)

Blackhouse Museum

A traditional 1955 blackhouse with displays on the village’s history.
Interpretation Centre in Lewis (Leodhais)

Doune Broch Centre

The tiny, turf-roofed Doune Broch Centre has interpretative displays and exhibitions about the history of the Dun Carloway broch and the life of the people who lived there.
Historic Site in Callanish (Calanais)

Callanish Standing Stones

The Callanish Standing Stones, 15 miles west of Stornoway on the A858 road, form one of the most complete stone circles in Britain. It is one of the most atmospheric prehistoric sites anywhere. Sited on a wild and s…
Interpretation Centre in Callanish (Calanais)

Calanais Visitor Centre

This visitor centre near the Callanish Standing Stones is a tour de force of discreet design. Inside is a small exhibition that speculates on the origins and purpose of the stones, and an excellent cafe.
Interpretation Centre in South Harris

Seallam! Visitor Centre

The culture and landscape of the Hebrides are celebrated in the fascinating exhibition at Seallam! Visitor Centre (Seallam is Gaelic for ‘Let me show you’). The centre, which is in Northton, 3 miles north of Leverbu…