North Berwick attractions

Beach in North Berwick

Seacliff Beach

No, you haven't stepped into a landscape painting – just onto Seacliff Beach, a pristine sweep of sand with views of bird-thronged Bass Rock and majestic Tantallon Castle. The latter is visible at low tide from its …
Nature Centre in North Berwick

Scottish Seabird Centre

Top marks to the bright spark who came up with the idea for this centre, an ornithologist's paradise that uses remote-control video cameras sited on Bass Rock and other islands to relay live images of nesting gannet…
Ruins in North Berwick

Tantallon Castle

Perched on a cliff 3 miles east of North Berwick is the spectacular ruin of Tantallon Castle. Built around 1350, the red-sandstone fortress was the residence of the Douglas earls of Angus (the Red Douglases), defend…
Beach in North Berwick


A broad sandy cove fringed by dunes, meadows and woodland, Yellowcraig looks out to the island of Fidra and its Victorian lighthouse (the inspiration for RL Stevenson's Treasure Island). Amenities include a play par…
Beach in North Berwick

Gullane Bents

Backing onto genteel Gullane and its manicured golf courses 5 miles east of North Berwick, the long, golden crescent of Gullane Bents has epic views over the Firth of Forth – soak up the best from the (wheelchair-ac…
Castle in North Berwick

Dirleton Castle

Two miles west of North Berwick is this impressive medieval fortress with massive round towers, a drawbridge and a horrific pit dungeon, surrounded rather incongruously by beautiful, manicured gardens.