Top Choice Museum in Lanark & New Lanark

New Lanark Visitor Centre

The main attractions of this World Heritage mill town are accessed via a single ticket. These include a huge working spinning mule, producing woollen yarn, and the Historic Schoolhouse, which contains an innovative,…
Castle in Lanark & New Lanark

Craignethan Castle

With a commanding position in a stunning, tranquil spot above the River Nethan, this extensive ruin includes a virtually intact tower house and a caponier – a small gun emplacement. The chilly chambers under the tow…
Museum in Lanark & New Lanark

Falls of Clyde Wildlife Centre

The wildlife centre is by the river in New Lanark and features child-friendly displays focused on badgers, bats, peregrine falcons and other prominent species. The centre also organises various activities in summer,…