Museum in Kilmartin Glen

Kilmartin House Museum

This museum, in Kilmartin village, is a fascinating interpretive centre that provides a context for the ancient monuments you can go on to explore, alongside displays of artefacts recovered from various sites. Fundi…
Archaeological Site in Kilmartin Glen

Dunadd Fort

This hill fort, 3.5 miles south of Kilmartin village, was the seat of power of the first kings of Dál Riata, and may have been where the Stone of Destiny was originally located. Faint rock carvings of a boar and two…
Cemetery in Kilmartin Glen

Kilmartin Churchyard

Kilmartin Churchyard contains medieval grave slabs with carved effigies of knights, swords, shears and hunting scenes. They date across various centuries and are likely to have been associated with lines of local me…