pounds sterling (£)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than £40

  • Dorm bed: £16–25
  • Wild camping: free
  • Food from supermarket: £5–10

Midrange: £40–130

  • Double room at mid­range B&B: £65–100
  • Bar lunch: £12
  • Dinner at midrange restaurant: £30
  • Car hire: £38
  • Petrol costs (per mile): around 15p

Top End: More than £130

  • Double room at high-end hotel: £130–250
  • Dinner at high-end restaurant: £40–60
  • Flights to islands (each way): £65–130


A bit of mild haggling is acceptable at flea markets and antique shops, but everywhere else you're expected to pay the advertised price.


There's a shop but no ATM on Jura; you can get cash back with debit cards at the Jura Hotel.