Fishing & Rafting on the River Tay

The Tay is Scotland's longest river (117 miles) and the most powerful in Britain, with a flow rate greater than the Thames and the Severn combined. It's also Europe's most famous salmon river, attracting anglers from all over the world (the season runs from 15 January to 15 October). The British record rod-caught salmon, weighing in at a whopping 64lb (29kg) was hooked in the Tay near Dunkeld in 1922 by local woman Georgina Ballantine.

Salmon fishing has an air of exclusivity and can be expensive, but anyone – even complete beginners – can have a go. There's lots of information on the FishTay website (, but novices would be best to hire a guide – check out Fishinguide Scotland.

The Tay is also famous for its canoeing, kayaking and white-water rafting; the latter is best around Grandtully rapids near Aberfeldy, where Splash runs rafting trips.