Top Choice Historic Building in Glasgow

City Chambers

The grand seat of local government was built in the 1880s at the high point of Glasgow's wealth. The interior is even more extravagant than the exterior, and the chambers have sometimes been used as a movie location…
Top Choice Museum in Glasgow

St Mungo's Museum of Religious Life & Art

Set in a reconstruction of the bishop's palace that once stood in the cathedral forecourt, this museum audaciously attempts to capture the world's major religions in an artistic nutshell. A startling achievement, it…
Top Choice Theatre in Glasgow

Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

This extraordinary mechanical theatre is located at the Trongate 103 arts centre. The amazing creativity of Eduard Bersudsky, a Russian sculptor and mechanic, now resident in Scotland, has created a series of large,…
Top Choice Gallery in Glasgow

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

A magnificent stone building, this grand Victorian cathedral of culture is a fascinating and unusual museum, with a bewildering variety of exhibits. You'll find fine art alongside stuffed animals, and Micronesian sh…
Top Choice Historic Building in Glasgow

Mackintosh House

Attached to the Hunterian Art Gallery, this is a reconstruction of the first home that Charles Rennie Mackintosh bought with his wife, noted designer/artist Margaret Macdonald. It's fair to say that interior decorat…
Top Choice Museum in Glasgow

Riverside Museum

This visually impressive modern museum at Glasgow Harbour owes its striking curved forms to late British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid. A transport museum forms the main part of the collection, featuring a fascinating …
Top Choice Museum in Glasgow

Glasgow Science Centre

This ultramodern science museum will keep the kids entertained for hours (that's middle-aged kids, too!). It brings science and technology alive through hundreds of interactive exhibits on four floors: a bounty of d…
Top Choice Historic Building in Glasgow

Glasgow School of Art

Charles Rennie Mackintosh's greatest building – extensively damaged by fire in 2014, and due to re-open in 2018 – still fulfils its original function, so just follow the steady stream of eclectically dressed student…
Top Choice Cathedral in Glasgow

Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral has a rare timelessness. The dark, imposing interior conjures up medieval might and can send a shiver down the spine. It's a shining example of Gothic architecture, and unlike nearly all of Scotlan…
Historic Building in Glasgow

Tenement House

For a time-capsule experience, visit this small apartment in a typical tenement building, offering a vivid insight into middle-class city life in the early 20th century.