Top things to do in Findhorn

Cultural Centre in Findhorn

Findhorn Foundation

The Findhorn Foundation is an international spiritual community founded in 1962. There’s a small permanent population of around 200, but the community receives thousands of visitors each year. With no formal creed, …
Forest in Findhorn

Culbin Forest

On the western side of Findhorn Bay is Culbin Forest, a vast swath of Scots and Corsican pine that was planted in the 1940s to stabilise the shifting sand dunes that buried the Culbin Estate in the 17th century. The…
Cafe in Findhorn

Phoenix Cafe

The Phoenix Cafe is an organic and vegetarian eatery in the Findhorn Foundation’s eco-village.
Cafe in Findhorn


The Bakehouse is an organic bakery and cafe in the centre of the village.
Museum in Findhorn

Findhorn Heritage Centre

Findhorn Heritage Centre, housed in a former salmon-fisher’s bothy at the northern end of the village, records the history of the settlement. The beach is just over the dunes north of the heritage centre – at low ti…