Top things to do

Island in Bigton & Boddam

St Ninian's Isle

A couple of miles beyond Bigton is the largest shell-and-sand tombolo (sand or gravel isthmus) in Britain. Walk across to beautiful, emerald-capped St Ninian’s Isle, where you’ll find the ruins of a 12th-century chu…
Historic Building in Bigton & Boddam

Quendale Water Mill

South of Boddam, a minor road runs southwest to Quendale. Here you’ll find the small but excellent, restored and fully operational 19th-century Quendale Watermill, the last of Shetland’s water mills. There's a DVD s…
Beach in Bigton & Boddam

Scousburgh Sands

This gloriously white sandy beach is backed by dunes and is Shetland's finest strand. Near it, Spiggie loch is an important bird reserve and also draws flyfishing folk.
Museum in Bigton & Boddam

Shetland Crofthouse Museum

At Boddam a side road leads to the Shetland Crofthouse Museum (donations welcomed). The years drop away when you enter as you step back into a primitive existence. Built in 1870, this former dwelling has been restor…