Top things to do in Banff & Macduff

Top Choice Gallery in Banff & Macduff

Duff House

One of Scotland's underappreciated treasures, Duff House is home to an art gallery with a superb collection of Scottish and European art, including important works by Raeburn and Gainsborough. The house is an impres…
Aquarium in Banff & Macduff

Macduff Marine Aquarium

The centrepiece of Macduff's aquarium is a 400,000L open-air tank, complete with kelp-coated reef and wave machine. Marine oddities on view include the brightly coloured cuckoo wrasse, the warty-skinned lumpsucker a…
Museum in Banff & Macduff

Banff Museum

The local museum covers wildlife, geology and history, and Banff silver – from the late 17th century until the 1880s the town supported two dozen silversmiths who created silverware (now highly collectable) of a qua…