Getting There & Away

Scandinavia is easily accessed from the rest of Europe and beyond. There are direct flights from numerous destinations into Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. There is less choice to Iceland.

Denmark, Sweden and Norway can be accessed by train from Western Europe, while Baltic and North Sea ferries are another good option for accessing these Nordic countries.

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Getting Around

Getting around Scandinavia's populated areas is generally a breeze, with efficient public transport and snappy connections. Remote regions usually have trustworthy but infrequent services.

Bus Comprehensive network throughout region; only choice in many areas.

Train Efficient services in the continental nations; none in Iceland.

Car Drive on the right. Hire is easy but not cheap. Few motorways, so travel times can be long. Compulsory winter tyres.

Ferry Great-value network around the Baltic; spectacular Norwegian coastal ferry, and service to Iceland via the Faroe Islands.

Bike Very bike-friendly cities and many options for longer cycling routes. Most transport will carry bikes for little or no charge. Hire is widely available.

Planes Decent network of budget flights connecting major centres. Full-fare flights are comparatively expensive.

Arriving in Destination

Copenhagen Kastrup Airport The metro and trains run very regularly into the centre (15 minutes). Around 300kr for the 20-minute taxi ride.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport Express trains run all day to Stockholm; airport buses are cheaper but slower. Think 500kr for the 45-minute taxi drive.

Oslo Gardermoen Airport Regular shuttle buses make the 40-minute journey to the centre. Trains run from the airport into the centre of Oslo in 20 minutes. A taxi costs 700kr to 900kr.

Helsinki Vantaa Airport It's a half-hour train ride from the airport to the centre. Local buses and faster Finnair buses do it in 30 to 45 minutes. Plan on €45 to €55 for the half-hour taxi trip.

Keflavík Airport (Reykjavík) Buses run the 45-minute journey into Reykjavík. Taxis charge around kr16,000.