What's New

  • Lego House

Adding to Billund's wealth of Lego attractions is this spectacular, excellent new state-of-the-art museum that tells the story of the family company's meteoric rise and the philosophy behind it. It's a great attraction, and open year-round.

  • Iceland Boom

We can barely count the number of new luxury developments in Iceland as it adjusts to its new status as a de rigueur destination. The Blue Lagoon is expanding, upmarket hotels are opening everywhere and gourmet restaurants are popping up like mushrooms.

  • Hossa

As part of Finland's centenary celebrations, this beautiful and remote nature reserve in the east got a promotion, becoming the nation's newest national park.

  • Cash-Free Stockholm

The era of notes and coins is coming to an end in Stockholm. Many businesses in Sweden's capital – and elsewhere in the country – have stopped accepting payment by cash, so make sure you've got plastic on you.

  • Aarhus on the Rise

For its 2017 European Capital of Culture year, this Danish city opened some stunning new museums and landmarks. The food scene is booming here too; Aarhus is really stepping into the spotlight.

  • Helsinki Airport Train

The airport rail link from Helsinki-Vantaa is now open, meaning fast transfers to the centre but also easier access to the rest of the country.

  • WOW Air

Iceland's budget carrier continues to grow and grow, recently adding several more US destinations and including Canada on its flight list. Getting to Iceland is ever easier.

  • Helsinki's Eduskunta

After 10 years of renovation, Finland's imposing parliament building, Eduskunta, is finally open to politicians and the public again.

  • Walrus Safaris

Want to get to know these portly Arctic tuskers? New walrus safaris running in Svalbard give you the perfect opportunity.

  • Moving House(s)

Sweden's Arctic town of Kiruna is in danger of falling down its own iron ore mine so the town is gradually being relocated 3km away. The first of the historic buildings that will be physically moved were shifted in mid-2017.

  • Senja

This Norwegian Arctic island is an up-and-comer, with memorably dramatic landscapes now backed by an increased level of accommodation and other visitor facilities.

  • Örö

This small archipelago fortress island in Finland is part of a national park. Recently opened to the public, it preserves intriguing military architecture and good birdlife.