Whether you’re interested in the structured society, extensive trade networks, dextrous handicrafts and well-honed navigational skills of this advanced civilization, or you glorify in tales of plunder, pillage, dragonships and the twilight of the gods, there’s something for you here.

Roskilde Set sail on a faithful Viking replica in Denmark.

Ribe VikingeCenter Schmooze with modern-day Danish Vikings.

Gotland Visit this Swedish island’s numerous rune stones and ship settings.

Oslo Admire a Viking longboat at Oslo’s marvellous Vikingskipshuset.

Lofotr Viking Museum Norway's largest Viking-era building.

Foteviken A reconstructed and inhabited Swedish Viking village.

Settlement Exhibition Fascinating hi-tech exhibition in Reykjavík, based around an original Viking longhouse.

Saga Museum A kind of Viking Madame Tussauds, this Reykjavík museum is heaps of fun.

Iceland Ferry Follow the Viking colonists' wake by taking the boat from Denmark to Iceland via the Faroes.