Canoeing & Kayaking

It’s hard to beat this region for kayaking and canoeing, whether you’re planning a multiday sea-kayaking or afternoon lake-canoeing adventure.

Danish Lake District Glide silent lakes in bucolic Jutland.

Stockholm Rent a canoe for the day in the Djurgården.

Geirangerfjorden Kayak some of Norway’s prettiest corners, such as this World Heritage–listed fjord, Sognefjorden or Svalbard.

Ísafjörður This Icelandic destination is perfect for beginners.

Seyðisfjörður Guided kayaking tours with affable Hlynur in Iceland.

Åland Paddle around the low, rocky islands of this quietly picturesque Finnish archipelago.

Seal Lakes Explore these watery Finnish national parks by boat and try spotting a rare inland seal.