Wildlife Watching

Seabirds clamour in the Atlantic air while whales roll beneath. Elk are widespread, forests harbour serious carnivores and mighty polar bears still lord it – for now – over Svalbard.

Wadden Sea National Park Witness mass feathery migration in Denmark.

Iceland Nesting colonies of the comical puffin are found all across the island.

Reindeer These domesticated roamers wander at will across the north of Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Central Norway Track down the prehistoric musk ox.

Svalbard Watch out for polar bears in Svalbard, with Arctic foxes and walrus also present.

Whale watching Head to Norway’s Andenes or Húsavík in Iceland.

Látrabjarg These dramatic cliffs in Iceland are the world’s biggest bird breeding grounds.

Bear watching Head out to the Finnish forests to observe bears, elk or wolverines.