Top Choice Cultural in Jokkmokk

Jokkmokk Winter Market

Winter travellers shouldn't miss the annual Sami Winter Market, held the first Thursday through Saturday in February. The oldest and biggest of its kind, it attracts some 30,000 people annually; it’s like a yearly p…
Top Choice Music in Heimaey


Three-day Þjóðhátíð is the country’s biggest outdoor festival. Held at Herjólfsdalur festival ground over the last weekend in July or the first weekend in August, it involves music, dancing, fireworks, a big bonfire…
Top Choice Music in Pori

Pori Jazz Festival

Established in 1966, the Pori Jazz Festival is one of Finland’s biggest summer events, attracting international names in jazz, blues, funk and Latin rhythms, as well as 150,000 listeners each summer. More than 100 c…
Top Choice Religious in Kautokeino

Sami Easter

Easter week is a time for weddings and an excuse for a big gathering marking the end of the dark season, before folk and flocks disperse to the summer grazing. It's celebrated with panache, with the reindeer-racing …
Top Choice Art in Örebro

Örebro Open Art

Örebro's biennial Open Art festival is as good a reason to visit the city as any, when a diverse and sizeable collection of public art works are erected about town for all to enjoy. Different countries are usually a…
Top Choice Cultural in Trondheim


Trondheim's 25,000 university students stage this three-week celebration, Norway's largest cultural festival. Every other year (in odd-numbered years) in October and November, it's a continuous party with concerts, …
Top Choice Music in Reykjavík

Iceland Airwaves

During Iceland Airwaves, downtown Reykjavík overflows with music in venues ranging from intimate bars and cool clubs to prestigious theatres. Running since 1999, it brings together around 200 acts from 30 countries …
Top Choice Music in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Copenhagen's single largest event, and the biggest jazz festival in northern Europe, hits the city over 10 days in early July. The program covers jazz in all its forms, with an impressive line-up of local and intern…
Top Choice Music in Malmö

Malmö Festival

Malmö’s premier annual event – with an average of some 1.5 million visitors – is the weeklong Malmö Festival. The mostly free events include theatre, dance, live music, fireworks and sizzling food stalls.
Top Choice Cultural in Trondheim


In honour of St Olav and held during the week around his saint's day, 29 July. There's a medieval market and a rich program of classical music, folk, pop and jazz.