Tabuk attractions

Top Choice Castle in Tabuk

Tabuk Castle

Dating to 1559, Tabuk Castle is now a museum, with thorough signage and a room reserved for video presentations. The castle features a ground-floor mosque, an open courtyard and a stairway that ascends to the castle…
Top Choice Historic Site in Tabuk

Hejaz Railway Station

This outpost of the early-20th-century Hejaz Railway is in the heart of the city, with 13 recently refurbished Hejazi-inspired buildings stretching more than 80,000 sq m. The station includes a workshop, a handicraf…
Park in Tabuk

Prince Fahd Bin Sultan’s Park

Although a bit sparse in amenities, Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Park is a perfect spot for families to relax in the late afternoon and early evening. Even in summer the temperatures are relatively mild. A carpet of lush …
Market in Tabuk

Souq Twaheen

In the old quarter of Tabuk, the souq is dominated by grain and vegetable wholesale sellers bargaining with shopkeepers and restaurant owners. It’s a good place for travellers to pick up items on the cheap for those…
Mosque in Tabuk

Prophet's Mosque

The Prophet Muhammad offered prayers at the mosque after arriving with an army of 30,000 men for the Battle of Tabuk against the Byzantines. Originally constructed of bricks, mud and palm-tree trunks, the mosque was…
Museum in Tabuk

Museum of Antiquities and Traditional Heritage

The museum focuses on archaeological research and includes a restoration lab and lecture hall. A special treat is the exhibit on the pre-Islamic era. It's located off King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Rd.