Historic Architecture

Jeddah Admire the world's finest example of Red Sea coral architecture.

Farasan Islands Crumbling remnants of ornate pearl merchants' houses, with echoes of Mughal and Andalusian architecture.

Rija Alma Atmospheric villages of tall, dark, fortress-like stone houses that cascade down the slopes of green mountains.

Al Habala The truly unique and mysterious 'hanging village', built halfway down the face of a sheer cliff.

Al Wajh Wander amid the ghostly remains of a Red Sea fishing village and its beautiful coral houses.


Jeddah Home to some of the most accessible and easiest dive sites.

Yanbu Hang with hammerhead sharks at the Seven Sisters coral reef.

Farasan Banks Swim with the largest fish in the world, the majestic whale shark.

Abu Madafi Explore one of the most complete wrecks under the Red Sea.


Al Nafud Desert The most photogenic of all; beautiful, sweeping red dunes that summon the inner Bedouin.

Empty Quarter The desert of romantic and forbidden Arabia.

Red Sea Coast Sit on desert beaches where they meet the blue of the Red Sea.

Red Sands Straddle a 4WD buggy and explore red dunes near the capital, Riyadh.


Jeddah Home to a globally diverse range of restaurants, including Little India, for the country's best curries.

Riyadh The greatest concentration of fine-dining options in the Kingdom.

Yanbu The old port is lined with a wonderful array of fresh seafood restaurants.