Saudi Arabia in

One Week

Begin in the capital Riyadh, where you'll appreciate the contradiction that is Saudi Arabia as you explore the modern architecture of high-rise towers, indulge in world-class cuisines, and try to make sense of the country's history at Diraiyah. Then fly to mystical Al Ula, where pre-Islamic Arabia awaits in a surreal landscape. Flying south, make for Jeddah, the historic pilgrim port and home of the country's biggest souq, where you can wander beneath the city's stunning Red Sea coral architecture or dive off its coast in search of the region's finest coral and sea life.

Two Weeks

After exploring the Unesco World Heritage Sites of Riyadh and Madain Saleh, fly to the country's southern tip to launch yourself across to the beautiful Farasan Islands for a Red Sea diving odyssey. In between dips, look for mesmeric pearl merchants' houses.

Then head into the mountain town of Abha, to explore mysterious Asir National Park and its legendary villages. Climb the Kingdom's tallest peak, Mt Soudah, before meandering north, taking in the region's spectacular scenery and making your way to Jeddah.

Resume your coastal excursion by heading north towards Yanbu. As you do, stop and spend time underwater with hammerhead sharks and eerie wrecks. Desolate stretches of beach further north and excellent seafood in coastal towns with historic ruins will fill the time in between further dives.