Sacred Sights

In a city rich with religious sites, it can be difficult for the first-time visitor to absorb the significance of each place. Complement your time at Al Masjid Al Haram (the Grand Mosque) with trips to key sites in and around Mecca to better appreciate the city's religious narrative.

  • Masjid Al Bay'ah Visit the remains of the spot where Mecca's tribal leaders pledged their allegiance to the Prophet Muhammad in AD 621.
  • Jannat Al Muallaa Cemetery It won't be easy to get into, but this is where many of the Prophet's family, including his first wife, Khadija, are buried.
  • Jabal Al Nour Probably the most famous mountain in Islamic tradition. It was in the small cave of Hira on this mountain, during the month of Ramadan, that Muslims believe the Prophet received his first revelation from God.
  • Jabal Rahmah The site of the Prophet's last sermon shortly before his death.
  • Cave of Thor The small mountain where the Prophet and his friend Abu Bakr hid for three days when they were being chased by the Quraysh tribe.