Top Choice Museum in Jeddah

Al Tayibat City Museum for International Civilisation

This privately owned four-floor collection ranges from pre-Islamic artefacts, exquisite Islamic manuscripts, old coins and weaponry to stunning furniture, pottery and traditional Saudi dress. Replicas of home interi…
Top Choice Souq in Jeddah

Souq Al Alawi

This souq runs off Al Dahab St and is the most extensive in the Kingdom. The market stalls cut into the heart of the old city and buzz with the activity of traders and pilgrims. Search long enough and you will find …
Top Choice Aquarium in Jeddah

Fakieh Aquarium

This aquarium offers a wide range of fish species, including sharks, as well as turtles and other marine life. Ladies'-only night is Wednesday. The complex also features an ice-skating rink and an arcade for the chi…
Market in Jeddah

Fish Market

The colourful and frenetic fish market – west of the Corniche – has at least 50 species of sea creature on display, ranging from hammerhead sharks to grouper, parrotfish and squid. Don’t miss the daily sale of the m…
Historic Building in Jeddah

Naseef House

Jeddah’s old coral houses are in a sorry state. Unique among the sea of dilapidation is the restored Naseef House, which belonged to one of Jeddah’s most powerful trading families. It’s set back from Souq Al Alawi –…
Museum in Taif

Shubra Palace

The city’s museum occupies a beautiful house built in 1905 on the orders of Sharif Ali Pasha. The palace is the most stunning vestige of old Taif, with latticework windows and balconies and interior marble from Carr…
Notable Building in Taif

Al Gadhi Rose Factory

The largest rose factory in Taif, the 120-year-old Al Gadhi Rose Factory is well worth a visit, particularly at harvest time (May to July), when it’s open 24 hours. Rose water (SR12 per bottle), used in Arabia to sc…
Market in Taif

Souq Gazzaz

Taif’s souq is one of the largest in the Kingdom and is worth a wander, particularly on a summer evening, when the people of Taif take to its streets. The souq is southeast of the Great Mosque.
Historic Building in Taif

Beit Kaki

Built in 1943 as a summer residence for one of Mecca’s most important merchant families, Beit Kaki is among Taif’s finest buildings. The intricately carved balconies and window and door frames have all been sympathe…
Historic Building in Taif

Al Kateb House

Built by Mohammed bin Abdul Wahed in 1897, this historic building features a mix of Hejazi and Roman architecture with Islamic flourishes. Last occupied as a residence in 1968, it has been home to Taif's top officia…