Farasan Islands in detail

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Farasan's Pearling Industry

By around the 1920s, the pearl industry in the area began to fade with the introduction of cultured pearls by the Japanese. Before this, pearling had thrived on the Farasan Islands for centuries. Pearl diving normally took place here during the cooler months when the weather and visibility beneath the water was ideal. A journey on the boats in search of pearls could last two to three months. According to the accounts of former Farasani pearl divers, the island had about nine pearl diving beds, though they were not very fruitful, and the pearling expeditions would instead take them as far as the Somali and Sudanese coastlines.

Although these days no professional pearl diving takes place on the Farasan Islands, there are still several fishermen who practise it as a hobby, and even one or two pearl merchants are still actively trading.