Top Choice Mountain in Al Ula

Jebel Khuraibah

The fortress and three peaks of Jebel Khuraibah once formed part of the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Lihyan. Rock-cut tombs squat at the foot of the peaks, the most impressive being the ‘Lion Tomb’ – named for …
Museum in Al Ula

Al Ula Museum of Archaeology & Ethnography

This small museum is attractively designed with some intriguing and informative displays on the history, culture, flora and fauna of the area, as well as on Madain Saleh and Nabataean culture.
Mountain in Al Ula

Mt Almejder

This 300m-high mountain east of Al Ula features stone settlements and caves with pre-Islamic inscriptions and drawings.
Historic Site in Al Ula

Umm Al Daraj

A few kilometres north of Old Al Ula, Umm Al Daraj (Mother of Steps) is worth a detour. Climbing the hill reveals three red-sandstone religious structures, a former Lihyanite sacrificial altar and some beautiful Lih…
Castle in Al Ula

Castle Al Ula

To protect the ancient village, inhabitants in the 6th century used red-sandstone blocks to build a castle on a promontory, giving a 360-degree view of the surrounding valley. The 45m climb to the castle is of moder…