Southern Coast attractions

Top Choice Mountain in Southern Coast

Cão Grande

The Great Canine is the poster image of São Tomé, and an awesome sight. An enormous tooth of rock 663m high, it is a hardened column of magma, the remains of an ancient volcano whose softer outer shell has long sinc…
Island in Southern Coast

Ilhéu de Santana

This interesting island, which faces Santana Resort, is unique in that a natural tunnel runs straight through the centre of it. Boat trips operated by the Atlantic Diving Center (€8) can get most of the way through …
Mountain in Southern Coast

Cão Pequeno

The diminutive sibling of Cão Grande, this phonolite tower is best seen from Ilhėu das Rolas.
Plantation in Southern Coast

Roça Agua Izė

One of the original 'Big Five' roças of São Tomé, this was the plantation that kicked off the cocoa industry in STP, and it still farms the bean, albeit at a much lower production level. If you've seen other roças a…
Blowhole in Southern Coast

Boca do Inferno

The much-advertised 'Mouth of Hell' blowhole on the seaward side of the EN-2, just after the Km17 marker, has lost its spark. Those on Ilhėu das Rolas are much better. But the adjacent restaurant has some good fish …
Beach in Southern Coast

Praia das Sete Ondas

This long and shallow gray-sand beach produces many rows of waves, hence 'Seven Waves Beach'. It's good for kids, beginner surfers, and a long beach walk, but the surf is too loud for those seeking tranquility. It's…