Top Choice Seafood in São Tomé (city)

Papa Figo

This charming, well-kept and ever-popular tin-roofed patio restaurant is laid-back in style, but no slouch in the kitchen. Everything on the menu has an interesting new twist. The thick fish steaks are world class: …
Top Choice Fusion in São Tomé (city)

5 Sentidos

The 'Five Senses' has rapidly emerged as one of the top gastronomic options in the city. Powered by Lisbon chef João Nunes (formerly of Omali Lodge), it offers an Afro-Portuguese fusion menu with sophisticated meals…
Seafood in São Tomé (city)

O Pirata

Enjoying the best location in the city, the Pirate is little more than a deck perched on a crashing sea wall, facing a rusting shipwreck barely 100m distant. The seafood is excellent, with huge portions. On Friday n…
Fusion in São Tomé (city)

Xico's Cafe

You never know what you might find on the menu at Xico's, but it's all good. This atmospheric restaurant/cafe/bar, dressed in 'plantation chic', offers typical light fare alongside creative specials. It's lobster on…
Pizza in São Tomé (city)


Jasmin is noted for being located in the only restored colonial building in the city, the lightly used Casa Cultural. After walking the streets on a hot day, its hidden terrace is a lifesaving oasis where you can ch…
Cafe in São Tomé (city)


Across the road from the sea, the outdoor patio of this ever-popular cafe is the place to be for beautiful morning seaviews, and for breakfast any time. Some local food served.
Seafood in São Tomé (city)


The best of the many restaurant shacks lining Parque Popular, this simple thatched hut packs an enormous punch with its fish of the day, as its many patrons reveal.
Supermarket in São Tomé (city)


Occupying a prime location on the edge of the bay, that unmistakable blue box is a surprisingly enormous supermarket.
Cafe in São Tomé (city)

Pastelaria Central

It's a bare affair, with a few pastries and passable coffee, but this is the only downtown cafe with wi-fi and ai-rcon, making it a lifesaver at times.