São Tomé & Príncipe attractions

Top Choice Beach in Príncipe

Praia Banana

Once the subject of a world-famous Bacardi advertisement (you'll remember it when you see it), this picture-perfect tropical beach is located on the grounds of Roça Belo Monte, a 15-minute walk from the front gate. …
Top Choice Mountain in Southern Coast

Cão Grande

The Great Canine is the poster image of São Tomé, and an awesome sight. An enormous tooth of rock 663m high, it is a hardened column of magma, the remains of an ancient volcano whose softer outer shell has long sinc…
Top Choice Bay in Príncipe

Baía das Agulhas

The spectacular Bay of Spires is not just Príncipe's top attraction, but STP's as well. It's best seen from the water, where the postcard view of the island's world-class skyline slowly unfolds, including phonolite …
Top Choice Factory in São Tomé (city)

Claudio Corallo Chocolate Factory

Claudio Corallo is both an extraordinary person and a local institution. For over 40 years this native Italian has pursued an overriding passion for coffee and cocoa in Africa, first in Zaire and later in STP, where…
Top Choice Beach in Northern Coast

Praia dos Tamarindos

One of the island's best beaches, a beautiful white crescent facing an emerald sea, with excellent swimming. An easy drive from the capital, it's empty during the week but crowded on weekends. Reaching Guadelupe fro…
Top Choice Beach in Ilhéu das Rolas

Praia Bateria

So perfect it stops you in your tracks, this cute little beach is a scallop of sand wedged between long walls of rock. Swimming here is like being in your own private bath. Definitely the couple's first choice, you'…
Top Choice Beach in Ilhéu das Rolas

Praia Café

In the running for island's best beach, Praia Cafė is a short walk from the pier, and should not be missed. A beautiful arc of sand, it also offers excellent snorkeling when the waves are calm.
Beach in Príncipe

Praia Boi

A postcard tropical beach, with turquoise water, swaying palms and no people. You will need to bring your own food, but it is perfect for a picnic. Located around the headland from Praia Macaco, it is accessed by ca…
Mountain in Interior

Pico de São Tomé

This impressive peak soars 2024m above the sea like a great green tooth bleeding mist. You can see it best from the EN-1 as you drive from Neves to Santa Catalina. Or you can reach the summit by making the country's…
Beach in Príncipe

Praia Macaco

An excellent swimming beach, this long and pretty stretch of golden sand contains the ruins of a resort that never opened, tucked beneath the trees. It's wonderfully private and isolated, so bring everything you'll …