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Getting around by air

Airports & Airlines

There are two commercial airports in the country, São Tomé International Airport (TMS) and Príncipe Airport (PCP). At time of research Príncipe's runway had been extended in anticipation of direct international flights but none had yet been scheduled. Thus all international flights to STP were still to São Tomé.

From Europe, all flights to TMS originate in Lisbon, with one of two carriers: TAP, the Portuguese national airline, or STP Airways. The latter has been removed from the European blacklist as it is now operated by Euroatlantic Airways, a charter carrier owned by the Pestana Group, Portugal's largest hotel chain, which has three resorts in São Tomé. STP Airways tickets are significantly cheaper than TAP, but do not show up on conventional booking engines. All online ticketing is done via their website.

From Africa, flights to TMS originate from Luanda, Angola (TAAG); Douala, Cameroon (CEIBA, www.ceibaintercontinental.com); Libreville and Port-Gentil, Gabon (CEIBA and Afrijet, www.flyafrijet.online); Accra, Ghana (TAP); and Malabó, Equatorial Guinea (Punto Azul, www.flypuntoazul.gq). TAAG, CEIBA, Afrijet, and Punto Azul are all on the European blacklist with the exception of certain long-range aircraft. Given the dynamic nature of these services, and the complexities of the booking process, travellers would benefit from booking West African flights through a local travel agency.

TAP, STP Airways, and TAAG all have offices in São Tomė City.

Departure Tax

There is a €20 departure tax.