Top ChoiceArts & Crafts in São Tomé (city)

Pica Pau

Looking for a souvenir? This artisans cooperative contains a fantastic collection of wood carvings, by far the best in the city, and more limited jewellery. Various vendors are on hand, and freely interrupt one...

Gifts & Souvenirs in São Tomé (city)

Quá Téla

Small but varied clearinghouse for local agricultural souvenirs (chocolate, coffee, spices, jams etc) and a few crafts. Located opposite the light blue Patrice Lumumba school.

Gifts & Souvenirs in São Tomé (city)

Ossobô EcoSocial

Charity souvenir shop offering the full range of agricultural products (banana products, vanilla, coconut sugar...), a few simple crafts and some colorful clothing.