Museum in San Marino

Museo di Stato

San Marino's best museum by far is the well-laid-out if disjointed state museum displaying art, history, furniture and culture.
Castle in San Marino

Torre Cesta

Dominating the skyline and offering superb views towards Rimini and the coast, the Cesta castle dates from the 13th century and sits atop 750m Monte Titano. Today you can walk its ramparts and peep into its four-roo…
Museum in San Marino

Museo delle Curiosità

If you're overtly curious or just a little bored, you can brush up on your Trivial Pursuit skills at this shrine to throwaway facts.
Historic Site in San Marino

Changing of the Guard

One of Città di San Marino's summertime highlights is the changing of the guard in Piazza della Libertà, which takes place several times daily between June and mid-September.
Castle in San Marino

Torre Guaita

The oldest and largest of San Marino's castles, Torre Guaita dates from the 11th century. It was still being used as a prison as recently as 1975.
in San Marino

Palazzo Pubblico

The neo-Gothic Palazzo Pubblico overlooks Piazza della Libertà.