Top Choice Puerto Rican in Piñones

El Nuevo Acuario

Sitting in a crowd of beachfront eateries, there's nothing about El Nuevo Acuario that stands out. Open air: tick. Plastic tables and chairs: tick. A view of the ocean: tick. The food, however, is in a class of its …
Seafood in Piñones

Mi Casita Seafood

Mi Casita serves up belly-warming comfort food, Puerto Rican style: whole fried red snapper, churrasco con tostones (skirt steak with fried plantains), fried pork with mofongo (fried and mashed plantain) etc. Like a…
Seafood in Piñones

Waterfront Restaurant

Right off the bike path at Km 5, and alongside the beach boardwalk, this seaside joint has a welcoming ambience, a great view, and a dynamite shrimp, octopus and lobster asopao. The mofongo can be ordered with eithe…
Puerto Rican in Piñones

La Comay

Luz cooks up all manner of fried Puerto Rican goodies (such as crab alcapurrias and regular alcapurrias) on weekends. Look for the kiosk on the inland side of Rte 187, almost to the town of Loíza. Cash only.