Arriving in Destination

Faleolo Airport is on the coast, 35km west of Apia. Many resorts and hotels offer transfers; otherwise there’s always an armada of taxis ready to ferry arrivals to the city or other Upolu destinations. The fare to Apia is around ST60.

If you’re travelling alone, it’s cheaper to catch an airport shuttle. It pays to prebook, but you’ll usually spot them waiting across from the terminal for all of the major international flights. Samoa Scenic Tours has shuttles that stop at any of Apia’s hotels (about ST47, 45 minutes); it also offers transfers to other Upolu resorts.

Many of the international flights arrive and depart at ungodly hours, but if you’re lucky enough to have one at a reasonable time, buses are an option. Walk out to the main road and hail any bus approaching from your right to get to Apia. To get to Faleolo Airport from Apia (ST4), take any bus marked ‘Pasi o le Va’a’, ‘Manono-uta’, ‘Falelatai’ or ‘Faleolo’.