Bar in Apia


Apia's waterfront is well supplied with drinking options, though few open their doors on a Sunday and some of the dodgier pool halls aren't pleasant places to be at closing. All of them shut their doors promptly...

Club in Apia

Ace of Clubs

Hitch your fancy threads on for Apia's newest and classiest nightclub. Laser-lit and loud, it attracts an enthusiastic crowd with pumping dance hits, good drinks menu and brilliant security staff that ensures...

Bar in Apia


Ask anyone of any age where to go for a drink in Apia and this is always the enthusiastic answer. It’s no wonder. Looking over the Apia Harbour with deck seating, a pool table, live or DJ music on Friday and...

Bar in Apia

RSA Club

This down'n'dirty – but characterful – place is a top spot for meeting locals and checking out some live music (Thursday to Saturday). If you're after posh cocktails and a well-heeled crowd, best go elsewhere:...

Cocktail Bar in Apia

Sheesha's Cocktail Bar

One of the classiest bars in Apia – all chandeliers and fancy wallpaper – Sheesha's has a fantastic cocktail menu that attracts a slightly older (25 and up) clientele. It's a tiny place, but its size just adds to...

Bar in Apia

Apia Yacht Club

Its private-club status makes it one of the few sure-fire places for a drink on a Sunday evening. Its location on the sea wall – and resultant breezes – merely reinforces the relaxing effects of a cold Vailima...

Bar in Apia

Cocktails on the Rocks

Also known as ‘Cocks on the Rocks’ and 'The Hole in the Wall', this small bar is much loved by tourists, expats and locals for its mellow vibe, sea breezes, 5L 'towers' of Vailima beer and live music most nights...

Club in Apia

Club X

This waterside club is a local institution for all the right reasons: blaring pop hits, cheap drinks, good bartenders and a sociable – if young – crowd. The small dancefloor gets packed and sweaty most nights.