Siva Afi Cultural Show - Fire Knife Dancing, Traditional Siva and Dinner

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Siva Afi Entertainment has been teaching Samoa's youth the art of Fire Knife dancing for over 22 years. The show combines the uniquely Samoan Performing Art of Fire Knife dancing and Siva Samoa - The modern fire knife dance has its roots in the ancient Samoan exhibition called "ailao" – the flashy demonstration of a Samoan warrior's battle prowess through artful twirling, throwing and catching, and dancing with a war club. The Siva Samoa requires the dancer to retain grace; movement of the arms and hands are done so in a subtle but delicate manner. During the show you will be introduced to the young members of the Ailao Club who are learning the art of Fire Knife Dancing. Many have gone on and entered International Competitions and have gained employment as full time performers across the world.

7.30pm - Dinner: Relax and be entertained by a live local musician as you are served your traditional Samoan Feast on an eco-friendly plate woven from coconut palm leaves. Dinner is served until 8.30pm when the show begins, please arrive by 8.00pm at the latest. Drinks may be purchased from full bar on site.  8.30pm - Showtime: The Hottest Show in Town! See the sky light up with spectacular Fire Knife dancing and be entertained by the graceful movements of Siva Samoa dance troupe. During the show you will also be treated to a demonstration of coconut husking, plate weaving, and an Ava ceremony. Important elements of Samoan Culture that still take place in daily life all around Samoa. Bar open 'til late.

What's included

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  • Dinner
  • Cultural Show and Demonstrations - Samoan Siva, Fire Knife Dancing

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  • Gratuities