Samoa in detail

Money and Costs


Daily Costs

Budget: Less than ST250

  • Guesthouse bed: ST35–125
  • Basket of fruit at a local market: ST7-25
  • 'Custom fee' to access beaches: from ST15

Midrange: ST250–1000

  • Double room in a boutique hotel or small resort: ST250–625
  • Main course in a local cafe: ST25–50
  • Car hire: ST110

Top end: More than ST1000

  • Night in an over-the-water bungalow: from ST1250
  • Dinner at a restaurant with international chef: ST190–500
  • Two-tank scuba dive: ST375


The tala (dollar), divided into 100 sene (cents), is the unit of currency in use in Samoa.


Several branches of the ANZ and BSP banks are equipped with ATMs. Be aware that ATMs can be prone to running out of bills at the start of the weekend. Take plenty of cash with you (in small denominations) when you’re heading outside the bigger settlements.


Exchange Rates


Not expected or encouraged, though it is acceptable for exceptional service at finer restaurants.