Top Choice Mountain in Saba

Mt Scenery

A strenuous climb up a virtual nonstop run of stairs - 1064 in all - leads to Saba's highest point. As ample reward for the workout you get a close-up view of an elfin forest and a panorama of Saba and neighbouring …
Museum in Windwardside

Harry L Johnson Museum

Surrounded by wildflowers, this pint-sized museum occupies a 160-year-old sea-captain's cottage and is crammed with an eclectic collection. Highlights include vintage photographs of Dutch royalty, Saba's first telep…
Arts Center in Windwardside

Lace Ladies

If you are interested in traditional handicrafts, there is a small legion of older women on the island who spend their leisure hours creating Saban lace, which uses a special stitching technique that has been passed…
Bay in Saba

Ladder Bay

Before Fort Bay was enlarged as a port, everything - from supplies to the queen - was hauled up to The Bottom via the Ladder, a series of more than 800 steps hewn into the rock. These days there's not much at Ladder…
Gallery in Windwardside

Jo Bean Glass Art Studio

Local artist, Jo Bean, works out of her colorful studio up on Booby Hill. Discover how she works her magic during a half-day glass-blowing course (US$85), in which you’ll be set up with a torch and an unlimited supp…
Church in The Bottom

Sacred Heart Church

Locals refer to this stone church as ‘Saba’s Sistine Chapel’ thanks to local artist Heleen Cornet's colorful and stunningly detailed altar mural that infuses Biblical scenes with a Saban rainforest twist.
Historic Building in Windwardside

Abandoned Customs House