Top Choice Mountain in Saba

Mt Scenery

A dormant volcano that last erupted in 1640, Mt Scenery (887m) is the pinnacle of pyramid-shaped Saba, and officially the highest point in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It's covered by elfin forest (cloud forest) …
Museum in Windwardside

Harry L Johnson Museum

Surrounded by wildflowers, this pint-sized museum occupies a quaint 1840-built sea-captain's cottage and is crammed with an eclectic collection. Highlights include vintage photographs of Dutch royalty, Saba's first …
Bay in Saba

Ladder Bay

Until the mid-20th century, before Fort Bay was enlarged as a port, everything – from supplies to the Queen – was hauled up to the Bottom via the Ladder, a series of more than 800 steps hewn into the rock on the isl…
Beach in Saba

Wells Bay

Backed by sheer cliffs, this rocky little bay has a small, coarse sandy beach that comes and goes depending on the northerly swell – ask locally to find out when's best to visit while you're here. There's great snor…
Beach in Saba

Cove Bay

Behind a breakwater constructed from boulders to keep currents at bay, this little cove is one of the island's two ocean swimming spots, with excellent snorkeling in calm weather. It's sunniest in the morning; there…
Church in The Bottom

Sacred Heart Church

Locals refer to this charming 1935-built stone church as ‘Saba’s Sistine Chapel’ thanks to Dutch-born local artist Heleen Cornet's colorful and stunningly detailed altar mural, which infuses biblical scenes with a S…
Museum in Windwardside

Dutch Museum

Inside a classic Saban gingerbread cottage, this little museum's displays include Dutch tiles, lacework, porcelain, crystal, copper engravings, paintings, mirrors and furniture ranging from 150 to 400 years old. A f…
Ruins in Saba

Mary's Point

The far-flung village of Mary’s Point was once a 45-minute walk from even the next village. In 1934 the Dutch government decided to move every single villager and house to an area behind Windwardside known as the ‘P…
Ruins in Saba

Abandoned Customs House

Coastal views aside, these days there's not much at Ladder Bay other than an abandoned customs house halfway down the 800m-long route.