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Car & Motorcycle

Cars are suitable for most of the country’s main roads, but those planning to explore Akagera National Park will need a 4WD.

Car hire isn’t well established in Rwanda, but there are plenty of small local agencies in Kigali that can organise something. Prices start at around US$50 per day if you're driving around the capital. If you prefer to have a car and driver, Beyond Transport is a very reputable operator that has excellent cars at competitive prices. A 4WD with driver and fuel will set you back US$150. For a small 4WD, such as a RAV4 (which is fine for anywhere in Rwanda), you'll pay between US$60 and US$80, including driver and fuel. Prices are negotiable. You can also contact Jean-Paul Birasa, who can organise no-frills car and jeep rental with drivers.