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Getting There & Away

Nyungwe Forest National Park is sliced in two by the Huye–Cyangugu road. Visitors can access the park through either the Kitabi Booking Office, on the eastern boundary of the park, or the Gisakura Booking Office, which lies at the western end of the park. Both offices lie along this road.

Regular buses travel between Huye (Butare; RFr4000, two hours, 90km) and Kamembe (for Cyangugu; one hour, 55km) throughout the day. Any one of these buses can drop you at Kitabi, Uwinka Reception Centre or Gisakura, but they charge the full RFr4000 fare.

The trouble is that having arrived, your ability to move around the park is severely limited if you don’t have a car. If you’re sticking to the nature walks and don’t have your own transport, consider camping at Uwinka where most of the walks begin (although there are some that start close to Gisakura, plus there's a small group of habituated colobus within easy walking distance of Gisakura, and there are also nature trails around Kitabi).

Leaving is more problematic as many of the passing buses are full and you may have to wait some time before one will stop. The rangers on duty at either of the booking centres will normally phone one of the bus companies on your behalf and secure a seat. Once the ranger has made the booking he’ll hold your fare as in the past some travellers go on to find lifts with other tourists and then refuse to pay for the empty seat that is being held for them.