Airline in Kigali


Rwanda's national carrier flies to/from Accra (Ghana), Brussels (Belgium), Bujumbura (Burundi), Brazzaville (Congo), Cotonou (Benin), Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), Douala (Cameroon), Dubai (UAE), Entebbe (Uganda), Harar…
Bus Station in Kigali

Nyabugogo Bus Terminal

The Nyabugogo bus terminal, about 2km north of the city centre, is a bustling place. The terminal is unusually well organised, with each bus company having a separate office and, in general, destinations and fares l…
Car Hire in Kigali

Jean-Paul Birasa

If you just need a car and driver, Jean-Paul Birasa can organise no-frills car and jeep rental (the jeeps are small 4WDs such as a RAV4, which is fine for anywhere in Rwanda) with drivers for considerably lower pric…
Airline in Kigali

Brussels Airlines

Operates six flights a week to/from Brussels (with onward connections to many European cities). Baggage can be checked in here on the day of departure between 10am and 1pm – very convenient as flights to Brussels le…
Car Hire in Kigali

Beyond Transport

This very reputable operator has excellent cars at competitive prices. A 4x4 with driver and fuel will set you back US$150. For a RAV4, you'll pay between US$60 and US$80, including driver and fuel. Prices are negot…
Bus in Kigali

Trinity Express

Operates seven daily buses to Kampala (Uganda; RFr10,000, nine hours) and a 4am bus to Dar es Salaam (Tanzania; RFr30,000, about 40 hours).
Bus in Kigali

Kigali Safaris

To Musanze (Ruhengeri; RFr1750, three hours) and Gisenyi (Rubavu; RFr3000, four hours) every half hour until 6.30pm.
Bus in Kigali

Volcano Express

Reliable operator for Huye (Butare; RFr2510, 2½ hours) and Nyanza (Nyabisindu; RFr1670, 1¾ hours) every half hour.
Bus in Kigali

Virunga Express

Buses to Musanze (Ruhengeri; RFr1750, two hours) and Gisenyi (Rubavu; RFr3000, three hours) every half hour.
Airline in Kigali


Has two daily flights to/from Amsterdam (one via Nairobi). KLM bookings are handled by Kenya Airways.