Kigali in detail

Getting Around

Feature: An Uphill Battle

In Kigali it’s a sorry child indeed who’s given a bicycle as a gift. The city sprawls over several hills, and two points that appear relatively close on a map may be separated by a valley in reality. Our tip: unless you have the inclination of a goat and the thighs of a mountain gorilla, jump on the back of a moto-taxi (motorcycle taxi) and whiz to your destination in breezy comfort – just hang on tight during gear changes.


Minibuses cruise the streets looking for passengers. All advertise their destination in the front window and run to districts throughout the city. They charge a flat price of RFr200.


These small Japanese trail bikes can be a swift way to get around Kigali and, unlike in many other parts of Africa, helmets are provided. Short hops are just RFr300 to RFr500, while trips out to the suburbs cost RFr700 to RFr1000.


Taxis are not metered but a fare within the city centre costs, on average, RFr3000 to RFr4000, and double that out to the suburbs or later at night. A trip to the airport costs a standard RFr10,000.