Rwandan franc (RFr)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$50

  • Dorm bed: US$17–20
  • Cheap meal: US$3–6
  • Moto-taxi ride: US$1

Midrange: US$50–100

  • Double room in a hotel: US$40–70
  • Meal in a restaurant: US$10–15
  • Admission to museums: US$4–12
  • Short taxi trip: US$3

Top end: More than US$100

  • Double room in a top-end hotel: US$150
  • Meal in a smart restaurant US$25
  • Car hire per day US$50–100


Bargaining is perfectly acceptable at any market or stall and is essential with taxi and moto-taxi drivers, who will often put the prices up for foreigners. Forearmed is forewarned – do check what the going rate is for any journey before starting to haggle. Of course, there are many drivers who do not put prices up for foreigners, so consider this before entering into outraged negotiation.


Money is easy to get and easy to change throughout Rwanda and particularly in Kigali. There are ATMs at virtually every bank, most of which accept foreign credit cards, as well as foreign-exchange bureaus.

Changing Money

Euros and US dollars can be changed at any of the numerous banks in town or at any of the foreign-exchange bureaus near the main shopping malls. Most exchange bureaus give slightly better rates than the banks.