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There's a twice-weekly passenger ferry service between Gisenyi (Rubavu), Kibuye (Karongi) and Cyangugu (Rusizi). The boat makes the southbound trip from Gisenyi on Wednesdays and Saturdays, leaving from Rubona Peninsula at 7am. It arrives at Kibuye (RFr2500) around 10.30am and at Cyangugu (RFr5000) around 3.45pm. Boats head north from Cyangugu on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Tickets are purchased on the boat.


The road linking Kibuye with Kigali is endlessly winding but in excellent shape, making Kibuye very accessible from the capital. Bus services to Kigali (RFr2500, 3½ hours) via Gitarama (RFr1700, two hours) start around 6am and continue hourly until 5.30pm.

There are also several daily services for Gisenyi (Rubavu; RFr3000, three hours) and Cyangugu (Rusizi; RFr2200, 3½ hours).

The bus station is right in the centre of town.