Top things to do

Factory in Gisenyi

Pfunda Tea Factory

During the rainy season, at the height of production, the Pfunda Tea Factory processes 60 tonnes of tea from the surrounding plantations daily. Guided tours follow the tea production from arrival of the green leaf t…
European in Gisenyi

Paradis Malahide

Out on the Rubona Peninsula, the Paradis Malahide is the place to unwind and soak up the views. The outdoor seating and open-air restaurant make the most of the lush hibiscus- and bougainvillea-filled gardens. Servi…
French in Gisenyi

Stipp Hotel

Currently the Stipp Hotel has the best restaurant in town and draws a large crowd most nights. The menu, which makes the most of the locally grown vegetables and fruit, is a classic mixture of Rwandan and Western di…
Beer Garden in Gisenyi

New Tam-Tam Bikini Bar & Restaurant

While we don’t know who came up with the name, we can vouch for the great beachfront location. This is a very popular spot for a beer and gets busy on the weekends when the drinking crowd rolls in from Kigali. Give …
European in Gisenyi

Lake Kivu Serena Hotel

The restaurant at the Lake Kivu Serena is also highly regarded, and serves a wide assortment of continental cuisine including pizza and other Western favourites. When occupancy permits, the hotel also puts on an imp…
Arts & Crafts in Gisenyi

African Work Art Exposition

This small curio store has a varied and colourful collection of handicrafts from the DRC, Uganda and Rwanda, including lots of Congolese masks and other wooden items.
Beach in Gisenyi

Public Beach

The strip of sand beneath the main town is a justifiably popular place to take a dip. That said, some travellers imagining Carribean sands are disappointed to discover the waters are grey-green and the sand coarse a…
Market in Gisenyi

Main Market

The best (and possibly only) place to stock up on fruit and vegetables.
Supermarket in Gisenyi

Boulangerie de Gisenyi

Another one for the self-caterers, this mini-supermarket has cheese, meats, yoghurts and fresh bread.
Landscape in Gisenyi

Rubona Peninsula

Roughly 4km south of town, along a lovely lakeshore road, is the Rubona Peninsula. The peninsula is Lake Kivu at its finest. Hills rise steeply from the lake foreshore and are a patchwork of garden plots and small h…