Top Choice Russian in Yekaterinburg


Reinvented Russian classics served in rooms designed to depict a traditional Russian summer dacha. Both the food and wine menus are extensive and the restaurant's house-made pâtés (pashtet in Russian) are definitely…
Georgian in Yekaterinburg

Khmeli Suneli

This large Georgian restaurant has a relaxed feel and is currently the best of its ilk in Yekaterinburg, serving a large range of soups, salads, fish and red-meat dishes and delicious shashlyk.
Russian in Yekaterinburg

Pelmeni Club

There's a great variety of pelmeni here, but what makes this restaurant stand out is the fact that you can learn to make your own. There is a second location on ul Lunacharskogo 82.
Russian in Yekaterinburg

Cafe Kuznya

A fascinating cafe with wooden interiors crafted by one woodwork artist – Alexander Andreevich Lysyakov – and his students. The menu spans all the Russian classics with no surprises.
Uzbek in Yekaterinburg


Yekaterinburg has several of these inexpensive Uzbek restaurants, all with young staff attired in Uzbek caps serving delicious Uzbek specialities. Manti (steamed, palm-sized dumplings), soups, sausages and shashlyk …
International in Yekaterinburg

Thank God It's Friday

'TGIF' is loud and boisterous, has staff who introduce themselves by name before they take your order, and kitsch decoration many will know from other branches. The food's capably prepared but it's the atmosphere th…
Russian in Yekaterinburg

Cafe-Museum Demidov

A quirky cafe-museum spread over two storeys, where guests are encouraged to touch the random collection of exhibits. The food is simple Russian fare; there are no elaborate descriptions and the meals come presented…
International in Yekaterinburg


Located on the 51st floor of the Vysotsky tower, Vertikal offers a formal, upmarket experience of pan-European dishes and some steaks, and its trump card: sensational views over town. Reserve ahead.
Cafe in Yekaterinburg

Shoko Kofeyniya

This upmarket cafe is the pick of the crop among the cluster of bars and eateries located in and alongside the Hotel Tsentralny building. It has lighter dishes and a small selection of mains, but the desserts are th…
Cafe in Yekaterinburg


As well as dumplings, Stolle specialises in sweet and savoury Russian pirozhki (pies), which you can buy by weight at the counter for takeaway or enjoy here in a relaxed atmosphere. There are three more locations in…