Top Choice Russian in Yakutsk

Chochur Muran

In a wonderful Cossack-style lodge filled with antiques, massive moose heads and a few mammoth artefacts, Chochur Muran is a must-stop if you are heading out to the nearby Permafrost Kingdom. It’s the best place aro…
Russian in Yakutsk


In the stary gorod (old town), Makhtal is one of the Yakutsk's most atmospheric options with thick log walls adorned with traditional tapestries and handsomely attired waitstaff gliding about in broad-shouldered tun…
Russian in Yakutsk

Tygyn Darkhan

Though the atmosphere is lacking, Tygyn Darkhan is the place to score Sakha specialities in the centre. Try indigirka (frozen raw chyr and onions – a bit like eating frozen fish in a ball of snow) and Darkhan pelmen…
Russian in Yakutsk

Muus Khaya

A good option for local delicacies, Muus Khaya is a winning combination of restaurant, bar and bowling alley. The R300 business lunch is a deal. Ask burly owner Yegor Makarov about his travels around the republic. H…
European in Yakutsk

Bar Onegin

Bar Onegin whips up tasty salads, sushi, pastas and grilled fish dishes. The fettuccine with salmon comes with a dollop of a caviar on top. It's a fairly stylish spot, with Pushkin-esque stencils on the wall, and a …
Cafeteria in Yakutsk

Stolovka Rublevka

With leather armchairs and white brick walls, Rublevka is a surprisingly elegant stolovaya with a small selection of smoked fish, soups, dumplings, salads and cooked meat and fish plates. Great prices, too.
Japanese in Yakutsk

Kita Gava

The best place in town for sushi, Kita Gava is a buzzing place that serves up tasty sashimi platters, noodle soups and plump gyoza (dumplings). It's good but not cheap (10-piece platters run R680).
Cafe in Yakutsk


An American-style diner with big booths and a hipster vibe, Jo serves up omelettes, burgers, salads and some vegetarian fare (veg lasagna, couscous with vegetables), plus coffees and free wi-fi.
International in Yakutsk

Tuimaada Torgovy Tsentr

A central mall with a second-floor food court whipping up pizza, noodles, sushi and bubble tea (head to Cafe Shokolodnitsa for free wi-fi). There's also a grocery store on the basement level.
Cafe in Yakutsk

Bon Ami

Pleasant cafe with frothy coffee drinks, buttery croissants and other temptations (cherry Danishes, apple strudel, honeycake, bliny). The take-away shop is downstairs.